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Morgan Ortagus

Executive Director, EY

Morgan D. Ortagus has worked her entire career in the emerging markets in roles in financial services, consulting, and diplomacy.  She is also a U.S. Naval Reserve Officer.  In early 2016, Ms. Ortagus joined Ernst &Young (EY) as a Global Executive Director.  Ms. Ortagus recently launched a new geopolitical initiative within EY, the Geostrategic Business Group, where she serves as the group’s External Director. Previously, she was a Global Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered Bank in the Public Sector Team covering clients in the Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  

From 2008-2010, Ms. Ortagus was an intelligence analyst at the U.S. Treasury in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, primarily covering the Middle East and North Africa.  She worked to publicly designate individual terrorists on the United Nations 1267 list. Ms. Ortagus began her government service as a public affairs officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development, where in 2007 she spent several months in Baghdad, Iraq.

After serving in Iraq, Ms. Ortagus was assigned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2010 as the Deputy U.S. Treasury Attache to the Kingdom. In this role, Ms. Ortagus focused on working with the Saudi Arabian government to curb the illicit financial flows to and from the Kingdom. Ms. Ortagus was the principal liaison from the U.S. Treasury to the banking sector in Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Ortagus earned an honors thesis at Johns Hopkins University for her research on Counterinsurgency. She graduated from Johns Hopkins in May 2013 with a dual Masters of Business Administration/Masters of Arts in Government. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Political Science, cum laude, from Florida Southern College.  

Ms. Ortagus is a Johns Hopkins University Leadership Fellow; a member of the CNAS Council and Future of Sanctions Task Force; a member of the Institute for the Study of War’s Advancement Committee; a member of the Women’s Democracy Network Advisory Council for the International Republican Institute; the National Co-Chair of Maverick PAC; a board member to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation; and a board member to the Friends of the American University of Afghanistan. Additionally, Ms. Ortagus serves as an Advisor to Concordia, where she contributes to the strategic direction and development of the organization’s Diplomacy and Defense programming.