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Maria Jaramillo 2 220x220 - Maria Jaramillo

Maria Jaramillo

Social Media Content Creation Associate, Communications

Bio Current as of August 30, 2023

Maria Alejandra Jaramillo currently works as the Social Media Content Creation Associate at Concordia. Her role involves creating innovative content that captivates our audience and builds connections. Alongside her corporate work, Maria has also started her own entrepreneurial journey. She founded LeleCrumbles, a successful brand of vegan granolas and energy bars in Colombia. Her products have gained traction in the health food industry, thanks to financial support from both government and private sources that has fueled her business growth.

Maria has a strong background in Marketing and Project Management, with over 5 years of experience at Philip Morris International. Her expertise allows her to design effective strategies for consumer packaged goods, both online and offline. In the startup world, she served as a Content Manager at a last-mile delivery software as a service (saas), expanding her skills even further.

Maria’s academic journey includes studies in Journalism, Social Media, as well as a Diploma in Digital Marketing and Strategic Communications from the University of La Sabana. Based in Bogota, Colombia, she is fluent in both English and Spanish, which adds to her versatility.