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malisa 220x220 - Malisa Aksentijevic

Malisa Aksentijevic

Chief Executive Officer, WEVO Group

Bio Current as of October 20, 2022

Change is a human constant, but people are at the heart of innovation. Malisa Aksentijevic’s mission and purpose-driven approach centers around combining clinical psychology best practices with AI software which enables everyone, everywhere to respond to approaching mental health episodes in real time.

A mechanical engineer by trade and graduate of Europe’s most prestigious mathematical institution, Malisa is a pioneer within the mental health space. He is the founder and CEO of WEVO, a global company focused on diagnosing, monitoring, and helping people as well as mental health institutions.

Upwards of 36 million Americans suffer a panic attack each year – a frightening and highly distressing experience.

Through leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and complex mathematical models, WEVO’s software is transforming mental healthcare by offering a simple, accessible, and in the moment solution that detects and prevents anxiety attacks.

Malisa’s vision is not to replace clinical therapists. His aim is to revolutionize the quality and quantity of mental health data available to mental healthcare professionals and providers, especially when it comes to treating American Veterans and others experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder – another debilitating mental health problem that WEVO targets.

WEVO works collaboratively with healthcare teams by delivering real-time reports detailing a user’s state of distress and mental health trends. The flow of information not only positions mental health professionals to apply data-driven decision making, but also streamlines the process of patient interactions and informs individual treatment plans.

As a visionary and people-focused leader, Malisa established WEVO by recruiting an elite team of subject matter experts across clinical psychology, computer engineering, and mathematics. His experience as the CEO of Mount Industries positioned the 36-year-old to collaborate with global conglomerates, including ThyssenKrupp, Max Boegl, Siemens, Mitsubishi Hitachi on multibillion dollar engineering projects.

Prior to earning his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Belgrade and advancing through his progressive, cross-functional career path in construction and engineering, Malisa was a two-time chess champion of Yugoslavia and competed in two European championships. At the age of 24, Malisa became the Managing Director of Montavar where he oversaw 117 employees responsible for the design and construction of machine equipment for mining, refineries, chemical industries, hydro, and thermal power plants.

Ambitious and future-facing, Malisa’s focus now revolves around changing the world using sustainable technology to provide immediate support to those experiencing mental health problems. While society is more aware of the importance of a healthy mind, access to effective care continues to be too rare and temporary. Malisa is changing this.