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Maksud 220x220 - Maksud


Youth Participant

Bio Current as of October 12, 2021

Maksud is currently working as a Manager at Story IT, an Information Technology freelancing startup. Maksud started at Story IT three years ago after graduating from Save the Children’s Skill to Succeed (S2S) program in 2018, where he completed a Web Design Course. Since then, he has developed expertise in digital marketing, web design and development, and search engine optimization. Maksud leads a group of 16 youth at the firm and deals with clients. Maksud has been very interested in computers since childhood but had to drop out of school in 10th grade due to his father’s death. He joined the S2S program through a community mobilizer. After graduating from the program, Maksud joined Story IT and continues to develop himself in IT work. He lives with his mother, one sister and one brother. Maksud recently obtained his high school degree and is now enrolled in a graduate course.