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Lynda Aphing kouassi 220x220 - Lynda Aphing Kouassi

Lynda Aphing Kouassi

Founder and Director, Kaizene

Bio Current as of September 19, 2021

Lynda Aphing-kouassi, a woman passionate about continuous development, inclusion, and women’s empowerment; recognized by Forbes and Financial Afrique magazines as a development actor Originally from Côte d’Ivoire, Lynda Aphing-kouassi is the Managing Director of KAIZENE International based in London Pall Mall Piccadilly and Abidjan Zone 4, a company focused on capacity building-personal development, coaching of VSEs and SMEs through the KAIZENE accelerator and the organization of institutional conferences. A graduate of Stanford Business School and the University of Hull, qualified as a Learning Performance Institute (LPI) of the World Bank, she started working in banking at Santander, Société Générale, Vaultex (a subsidiary of the HSBC group) as a team leader, investment manager and then investment banker in London for 15 years, which gave her a solid expertise in finance and banking; capacity building, human capital productivity, quality management and governance. Rigorous and audacious woman, Moderator, Mentor and Coach, member of the board of directors of the African Diaspora Network (ADNE) in Brussels, of the Institute of Directors of London (I.O.D), Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Ivory Coast; member of the international network CONCORDIA. A pure product of the African diaspora, she decided to return and found in 2015 her company “CABINET INTERNATIONAL KAIZENE.” List of conferences organized by Ms. Aphing-Kouassi and the Kaizene firm : 1.​DECEMBER 2015: OIL MINING AND GAS – LONDON 2.​APRIL 2016: OIL SECTOR CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES – ABIDJAN 3.​OCTOBER 2016 : ELECTRIFICATION OF AFRICA – CAPE TOWN 4.​DECEMBER 2017: CONSTRUCTION AND INFRASTRUCTURE – DAKAR 5.​DECEMBER 2018: CONSTRUCTION AND INFRASTRUCTURE – KIGALI 6.​AUGUST 2018: AGOA FORUM 7.​OCTOBER 2019: CONSTRUCTION AND INFRASTRUCTURE-ADDIS-ABEBA 8.​OCTOBER 2020 : ROADMAP INSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE PRESIDENCY OF COTE D’IVOIRE In her perpetual pursuit of development, Lynda Aphing-Kouassi deeply believes that the desire to succeed and move forward must be stronger than the obstacles and difficulties.