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Luc Lapoint - Luc Lapointe

Luc Lapointe

CEO & Founder, TheBC.lab

Bio Current as of September 11, 2020

As a registered professional lobbyist in Canada, Luc has led various reforms in different sectors of the economy. As part of his successful career, he has chaired a Coalition to Reform the Banking Law of Canada. His work has led to several changes, as well as the establishment of the Canadian Financial Products Consumer Protection Agency. He has also chaired a national consultation on pension reform, as well as several others, such as health and education. As Senior Advisor to the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, Luc has created content for teaching financial literacy in all Canadian provinces.

Most recently, Luc has played a vital role in promoting Innovative Financing principles with a select group of leaders and coalitions, such as: Leading Group Advisor on Innovative Financing, Advisor, Concordia Strategic Dialogue on Innovative Financing, Advisor Social impact bond in Colombia, Founder & Global Council – Impact 2030, Member of the Global Coalition of Universities in Impact Investment & Sustainable Financing.

Luc graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Diploma in Leadership. Luc also successfully managed several political campaigns in Canada and received several awards for his work in innovative finance.