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Lesly Goh 220x220 - Lesly Goh

Lesly Goh

Chief Technology Officer, World Bank

Bio Current as of September 19, 2018

Lesly Goh (LinkedIn Profile) is the World Bank Group Chief Technology Officer and Director of Enterprise Architecture and Technology. Her focus is to leverage Cloud technology to deliver business outcomes such as client responsiveness, organizational effectiveness and manage risks. She also provides technology advisory in Disruptive Technology from explorations and learnings in the Innovation Lab. Lesly’s past Financial Services Industry experience covers a broad spectrum ranging from Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Asset Management, Development Banks and Financial Data Providers. She is recognized as a thought leader in the industry, especially in FinTech and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies as a new frontier for innovation.

Lesly is a mentor/advisor for several FinTech startups in Asia and a Fellow at Singapore University of Social Sciences. Lesly has been an advocate for Women in Technologies and academia for students in STEM such as DigiGirlz from her background in Computer Engineering and Mathematics.

Lesly is a certified Data Architect and worked on many high-profile Data and AI initiatives in highly regulated industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences and Smart Cities. For over 20 years, she specialized in Advanced Analytics such as BI/Analytics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Pattern Matching, Forecasting model, and Semantic Analysis. She brings a balance of technology specialty and business strategy from the Management Consulting background at Deloitte.