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Kyle Martino

Founder, Over Under Initiative

Bio Current as of September 5, 2022

Kyle Martino has played at all levels of US Soccer—from youth, to college, to MLS and the USMNT, to a local adult league today. He was named Gatorade National Player of the Year in 1999 and played college soccer at the University of Virginia.

After joining the Columbus Crew in 2002, he was named MLS rookie of the year. Kyle provided studio analysis and color commentary for NBC Sports’ English Premier League coverage from 2013-2020. In 2019, he took a hiatus to run for US Soccer President, during which time he traveled across the country meeting youth players and coaches, and developing a grassroots platform to transform US Soccer. After his campaign, he continued working towards his grassroots mission, founding a number of organizations such as the Over Under Initiative. Today, he works to bring his vision to fruition through his ventures.