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Kurt Kurzawa - Kurt Kurzawa

Kurt Kurzawa

Sustainability Operations Manager

Bio Current as of June 17, 2021

Kurt Kurzawa is Best Buy’s Reverse Supply Chain Leader in Secondary Market Operations and Sustainability. With 13 years of retail, supply chain, and services experience at Best Buy, Kurt has held positions as a Program Manager for Recycling and Waste, Senior Specialist in Retail Operations, and Customer Solutions Manager. He has successfully lead a cross-functional effort to certify Best Buy’s Reverse logistics Center as TRUE Zero Waste certified and increase the company’s overall waste diversion rate.

Prior to Best Buy, Kurt served as a Student Delegation Manager for People-to-People Ambassador Programs. There he was responsible for managing around 30-40 student ambassadors as they traveled throughout the world. He also worked as an ETL-LOG for Target, where he increased the store guest experience, drove up backroom location accuracy, and increased overall store productivity.

Kurt also spent a significant amount of time in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, serving as a geography/civics teacher and an assistant football coach for the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point.

Kurt holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies from Minnesota State University-Mankato. In addition, he holds a Master of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a Master of Supply Chain Management from the University of Minnesota.