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John Harkrider

Founder, OneCyprusNow

John Harkrider provides extensive financial and deal structuring knowledge to a variety of corporations, governments, and individuals, with a focus on post-conflict zones. With 20 years of experience in Southern and Eastern Europe, his detailed knowledge of emerging markets is highly valued. Currently he is leading a business coalition to encourage and support the reunification of Cyprus.

Harkrider specializes in deal structuring, business liaison and private equity activities focusing on infrastructure, agriculture and energy for multinational companies and governments pursuing business opportunities in the industrial and financial sectors in the Near East and former CIS States. Harkrider offers negotiation expertise and contacts with foreign financial institutions and companies in order to develop and expand joint business initiatives between North America, Europe and Middle Eastern concerns. Harkrider’s experience in European and Middle Eastern cross-border deals led him to Istanbul to run a strategic client development department in Turkey’s largest bank. His extensive network enabled him to acquire funds, set up distribution channels, and structure projects for Turkish companies seeking to expand operations in domestic and foreign markets.

A native Texan, Harkrider has studied in various universities in Europe and speaks Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in diplomatic history and an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in history, government and business from the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania