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John Cleveland

Executive Director, Boston Green Ribbon Commission

Bio Current as of May 19, 2021

John is the Executive Director for the Boston Green Ribbon Commission (www.greenribboncommission.org), a network of business and civic leaders supporting the implementation of the City of Boston Climate Action Plan. The Commission is supporting the City’s long-term climate preparedness strategy through the Climate-Ready Boston initiative, and is supporting the City’s long-term de-carbonization strategy through the Carbon-Free Boston initiative.

John is also President and a co-founder of the Innovation Network for Communities, a nonprofit focused on social innovation and large-scale change, especially in the ways that communities are responding to climate change –reducing GHG emissions and strengthening resilience.

John is also co-author with Pete Plastrik of a new book on cities and climate change. Life After Carbon – The Next Global Transformation of Cities describes how the leading climate innovation cities are replacing the pillars of the modern city model, converting climate disaster into urban opportunity, and shaping the next transformation of cities worldwide.