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Joel Vicioso e1595277474354 - Joel Vicioso

Joel Vicioso

Country Director, Dominican Republic, Wine to Water

Bio Current as of July 20, 2020

Originally from Dominican Republic. Grew up in the states and then my wife and I move back to the DR to serve as self-sustain missionaries, specifically helping Deaf and Mute learn about God in American sign language. Later on came in contact with W|W in the DR and started as a Spanish teacher to a family of volunteers, and later helping to facilitate volunteers from the states to come and work in our filter factory. As time went by, there were opportunities to help advance and organize the W|W program and expand our network to include schools and health care facilities. With our local products Ceramic Water Filters and Handwash Stations we reached many rural areas with no access to these resources. As of 3 years ago as Country Director I’ve participated with our team to direct the work in communities, in schools and in health care facilities. Empowering and working with local people to improve their health and well being.