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Jaak Peeters 220x220 - Jaak Peeters

Jaak Peeters

Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson

Bio Current as of September 12, 2017

Jaak Peeters is Head of Global Public Health (GPH) at Johnson & Johnson where, together with his team, he is building on the company’s legacy of combining innovation, science, and ingenuity to tackle some of the most pressing public health challenges of the day. Organizing themselves across R&D, access and policy and operations GPH is redefining what it means to do business in resource-poor settings with an unparalleled focus on accelerating the pace of innovation needed to make TB and HIV history and wrestle with several other public health challenges.

Building on a career at Johnson & Johnson that spans nearly four decades, Jaak brings a unique blend of visionary thinking, business strategy and leadership to build and enable a team capable of tackling incredible challenges. In his most recent role as Company Group Chairman Pharmaceuticals, Global Strategy, Innovation and New Businesses, he was responsible for developing the first global pharmaceuticals strategy which focused on bringing transformational innovations to address high unmet needs. The effective implementation of this strategy has helped Janssen to become the most innovative company in the industry over the past several years, delivering significant years of life and quality of life to thousands of patients.

Jaak is a member of the board directors for the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust, which is responsible for managing Corporate Social Responsibility programs and activities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has served as a board member of industry trade associations, EFPIA and IFPMA.