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H.E. Iván Duque Márquez

President, Republic of Colombia

Ivan Duque Marquez is the current President of the Republic of Colombia, elected in June 2018. Since 2014, he has served as Senator for the Colombian Parliament and was considered, for two consecutive periods, among one of the best Colombian senators. Previously, he worked at the IDB (Inter American Development Bank) as chief of the Division of Cultural Affairs, Solidarity and Creativity. With over ten years of experience in economic and financial affairs at the Ministry of Finance of Colombia, he has also been the Executive Director from Colombia at the IDB, Senior Advisor in the Department of Political Affairs of the UN, a private consultant, college professor, author, columnist and commentator in various media. He is the author of the books Machiavelli in Colombia (2007), Monetary Sins (2010), The Orange Economy an Infinite Opportunity (2013) and The Orange Effect (2015), as well as numerous articles and lectures on Economy related topics. Ivan Duque studied law at the Sergio Arboleda University (Bogotá), and also holds degrees in Public Policy Management from Georgetown University (Washington, DC) and Economic Law from American University (Washington, DC), along with executive studies in business and government at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).