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Irma 220x220 - Irma Alfaro-Beitz

Irma Alfaro-Beitz

Vice President of Global Health, QIAGEN

Bio Current as of septiembre 10, 2016

Irma Alfaro-Beitz is the Vice President of Global Health at QIAGEN. She focuses on coordinating with international NGOs, non-profits and diverse Ministries of Health to ensure access to and viability of breakthrough diagnostic solutions in low-resource settings. Irma has been working with Ministries of Health in developing countries since 2003 to share published data regarding innovative diagnostic technology, and support incorporation of these new technologies into existing public health programs to increase patient access to quality services. She leads teams to support successful introduction and implementation of innovative diagnostic solutions into existing national health programs. Irma has been working in clinical diagnostics for the past 23 years.