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humera khan 220x220 - Humera Khan

Humera Khan

Executive Director, Muflehun

Bio Current as of June 17, 2015

Humera Khan is the Executive Director of Muflehun, a think tank specializing in preventing radicalization and violent extremism in the American Muslim community through engagement, empowerment and the fulfillment of social responsibilities. Her combined research and experience in security strategy and Islamic Studies provide insight into analysis of recruitment and prevention mechanisms for domestic radicalization and violent extremism. Ms. Khan specializes in scenario planning and strategy formulation using agent-based modeling, morphological analysis and system dynamics. Previously, as principal at a Washington-area think tank, she designed and integrated methodologies for threat anticipation and risk assessment for the Singapore government “Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning” initiative.

Ms. Khan holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: SM Technology &Policy 1998, SM Nuclear Engineering 1998, SB Art & Design 1996 and SB Nuclear Engineering 1995. She also received an MA in Islamic Studies from Cordoba University, an affiliate seminary of the Washington Theological Consortium in 2004.