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Pierfrancesco Majorino1 220x220 - Hon. Pierfrancesco Majorino

Hon. Pierfrancesco Majorino

Deputy Mayor for Social Policy, Health and Rights, Milan, Italy

Bio Current as of septiembre 22, 2017

Pierfrancesco Majorino is Deputy Mayor for Social Policy, Health and Rights. He was born in Milan where he lives and works. 
From 1994 to 1998 he is national President of the Students’ Union and of the Student Network. In 1998, he becomes Advisor to the Social Affairs Department of The Presidency of the Council of Ministers where he supervises youth and childcare policies, as well as policies to overcome addiction for the Minister for Social Solidarity, Livia Turco.
In 2006, he is elected to the City Council of Milan with the electoral alliance of centre-left political parties, L’Ulivo. 
During Mayor’s Moratti mandate, he promotes: the institution of the Antimafia Committee and of the Register of Civil Partnerships for unmarried couples, the increase of social housing facilities and the creation of an Anti-crisis Fund to fight poverty and precarious work. At the same time, he works also as a strong advocate for the protection of immigrants and foreign citizens’ rights. 
In 2011, Mayor Pisapia appoints him as member of the Municipal Council in charge of Social Policy, Culture and Health. His mandate is shaped by its fight against poverty, the increase of income support schemes, help to the homeless, the elderly and to people with disabilities, improve migrants’ reception. He has also designed the “Childhood Plan” of the City Administration. 
Moreover, he worked for promoting culture, health, prevention, civil rights with the institution of the Register of Civil Partnerships and of the Register of “Not for Resuscitation” orders. He fostered the creation of the “House of Rights” which offers services and has active offices for the defense and protection of people against all forms of discrimination and gender violence. In June 2016, during the local election is at the head of the list for the Democratic Party. He is elected to the City Council and Mayor Sala confirms him as Deputy Mayor for Social Policies, Health and Rights.