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germanchullmir 220x220 - Germán Chullmir

Germán Chullmir

Chief Executive Officer, Orel Energy Group

Bio Current as of September 13, 2021

German is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of international experience. Passionate about the environment, German has been advocating for the diversification of the energy matrix while facilitating social development through technology innovation. German has founded and managed numerous investments in real estate, construction, renewable energy and micro mobility. German founded Orel Energy Group focusing on opportunities in Latin America, developing a unique perspective of the market and a strategic vision about private-public partnerships, focusing on opportunities in Latin America and developing an in-depth perspective of the specific dynamics of the region.

German is actively involved in the civil sector and a member of the Americas Society – Council of the Americas, he also serves as a member of the Institute of the Americas as a Energy Steering Committee member and has been an Advisory Board member of the Herbert Business School at the University of Miami. German is actively involved in nonprofit organizations, focusing on Education, Health and Social Justice.