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dyer 220x220 - Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer

Foreign Policy Reporter, Financial Times

Bio Current as of septiembre 15, 2016

Geoff Dyer has worked for the Financial Times for over a decade in China, Brazil, the UK and now the US. He was the FT bureau chief in Beijing from 2008 to 2011, following three years working for the paper in Shanghai. He has also been the paper’s Brazil bureau chief and covered the healthcare industry, where he wrote extensively about the Aids epidemic in Africa and Asia. He now works in the FT Washington DC bureau, writing about American foreign policy. Dyer is the author of ‘Contest of the Century: the New Era of Competition with China’. He appears regularly on television and radio to discuss international affairs, including CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS and Al-Jazeera. He studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University and at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna and Washington DC, where he was supported by a Fulbright award.