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gaston taratuta 220x220 - Gaston Taratuta

Gaston Taratuta

CEO & Founder, Aleph Inc.

Bio Current as of August 22, 2022

Gaston is an Argentinian self-made entrepreneur with an unwavering determination that has led him to overcome adversities and excel as the founder and CEO of Aleph, the leading global enabler of digital advertising in emerging countries. From an early age Gaston was committed to competing at a global level. He knew that he’d be coming in at a disadvantage. English wasn’t his first language, his network was largely in Latin America, he’d be in a new environment. A situation most would see as hindering, Gaston saw as exciting and opportunistic. During this time Gaston learned a lesson that still guides him: what defines the future is not the past but the willingness to go after what you believe in. Gaston’s early days as a successful entrepreneur sharpened his key skills: learning through observation, staying alert to hidden opportunities, creating the advantageous scenario, and leaning into his worldly, nuanced perspective. The success of Aleph is a testament to his talent and to his famed characteristic of never taking no as an answer. As an early pioneer of Miami’s tech scene, Gaston’s stories span the early days of the open web selling banner ads at Universo Online in Brazil all the way through today’s closed web of “walled gardens” – which he sees as an $88 billion opportunity thanks to the digital advertising solution they pioneered consisting of proprietary technology, platform-dedicated local teams and cross-border payments that no one else has figured out. As the leading global enabler of digital advertising in emerging countries, Aleph remains founder-led and in an unparalleled position of profitability, with strategic support from blue chip equity partners including CVC Capital Partners, Mercado Libre, Twitter, Snap, and Sony. Gastón holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Fundación Altos Estudios en Buenos Aires, a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts as well as a Certificate International Marketing with MBA Class 1998 from Florida International University. Gaston is also EY World Entrepreneur Of The YearTM Class of 2022, Argentina and current contender for the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year. He is based in Miami, Florida. On top of being a successful CEO and entrepreneur, Gaston is a loving father of two daughters and a son, and a die hard sports fan with a love for sport documentaries.