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61399 Flavia Santoro - Flavia Santoro

Flavia Santoro

President, ProColombia

Bio Current as of November 25, 2020

Flavia Santoro Trujillo, is a lawyer of Javeriana University in Bogotá. She has a master’s degree in insurance law and has great experience in the development and management of institutional relations within the private sector, fortifying strategic and commercial alliances for fund raising.

Her professional experience covers a wide variety of sectors such as consulting and sales in the insurance sector, nonprofit organization work and actively participating in two presidential campaigns with very important achievements.

Flavia was an active member of the Financial Committee for current President Ivan Duque´s campaign, she was Director of the Administrative Board of the Political Party Centro Democrático and Director of the Financial Committee of presidential candidate, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s campaign in 2014.
As Vicepresident of Strategic Forums for the Center for Leadership and Management, she helped in the development of events of key importance for Colombia, such as, Caribbean Expomanagement 2012 (Expogestión Caribe 2012) and the First Latin-American Female Conference on Leadership and Management.

She was Public Relations Director for the League Against Cancer and currently participates and supports diverse nonprofit institutions, such as YPO Colombia (Young President´s Organization) and Development and Life Foundation.

Through her current role as President of ProColombia Mrs. Santoro is committed to promoting exports, foreign direct investment and tourism for Colombia, and strengthening international ties that bring Colombia closer to new business opportunities.