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Emily Bush 220x220 - Emily Bush

Emily Bush

Founder, ShEOS

Bio Current as of October 4, 2018

Entrepreneur & angel investor focused on disruptive businesses. Founded a boutique hotel & built a real estate tech brokerage company. Worked at CBRE for the #1 brokerage team in the world. Sold +$1B worth of real estate in NYC. Former Venture Partner at DNA.Fund, an ICO consulting firm and fund. General Partner at Decentra Capital. Co-Founder and CEO of shEOS, the only female founded block producer on EOS. Founding team of VERSES, a 3D spatial protocol. Advisor for Tushy.me, GoChain, and Codex Protocol. Syracuse University, B.S. BioMedical Engineering. Division 1 athlete. Bought her first Bitcoin in 2014.