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Elizabeth Sheehan 220x220 - Elizabeth Sheehan

Elizabeth Sheehan

Founder & President, Care2Communities

Bio Current as of September 12, 2019

Elizabeth is an early stage investor in solutions that improve health care access and reduce inequality. As an emergency room clinician and health economist, Elizabeth worked in Africa and Asia for two decades, where she saw how the gap in health care services at the community level led to poor health and perpetuated cycles of poverty. Working as a Physician Assistant in emergency rooms on the lower east side of Manhattan in the late 1990’s at the peak of the HIV/AIDs epidemic to the minefields of Cambodia, Mozambique and Angola, Elizabeth saw how simple interventions saved lives but those interventions were nearly impossible to deliver in resource-poor settings due to supply, capacity, and infrastructure issues. She worked for USAID on a primary health care reconstruction project in post-war Mozambique and later Angola. Ten years ago, she founded Care2Communities (C2C), a non-profit social enterprise that delivers comprehensive primary health care in Haiti via a “one stop shop” solution. Today, C2C operates six primary health care clinics in direct partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, treating over 35,000 patients a year. She has been a member of the Executive board of Women Moving Millions (WMM) supporting the activation of over $1 Billion dollars to the causes of women and girls. Fundamentally believing that no one person can truly affect change, she joined Co-Impact as a founding community member. In doing so she brings her passion, experience, and interest in working with others to leverage what’s working, build across systems, and fund large-scale initiatives that affect change to create a more equitable world.