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ungar1 - Elisabeth Ungar Bleier

Elisabeth Ungar Bleier

Former Executive Director, Transparencia por Colombia

Elisabeth Ungar Bleier was Executive Director of Transparencia por Colombia, TI’s chapter in the country, from 2009 to 2016.

She was a professor and researcher in the Department of Political Science at Universidad de los Andes from 1975 until 2009, serving as Director of the Department (1995-1996) and a board member of the university (2005-2007).

She founded – and directed for 12 years – Congreso Visible, the first Colombian watchdog to follow Congress.

Ungar Bleier was an advisor to President Barco (1988-1990), and a member of numerous commissions and oversight committees for the election of members of High Courts and processes of political and constitutional reform. Ungar Bleier was elected to TI’s Board in 2011.