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zabina bhasin 220x220 - Dr. Zabina Bhasin

Dr. Zabina Bhasin

Founder, InKidZ

Bio Current as of April 7, 2022

Child Psychiatrist Dr. Zabina “Zee” Bhasin, MD, is a diversity and inclusion expert and entrepreneur. Her work educates families and schools, fostering future generations of truly global citizens. Based on the belief that cultural differences unite us rather than divide us, Zabina creates engaging resources that make understanding DE&I simple for anyone. As a first-generation American, Zabina grew up surrounded by diversity and launched In KidZ. Culture-focused toys and products to give families everywhere access to the world’s varied and rich traditions. As a mom of two and a physician, Dr. Zee’s goal is to make inclusion the normal and a daily part of family life. It was not till she had children of her own, realized how few resources there were to help educate kids about the beauty of the different world cultures. As Dr. Zee saw, other parents struggled to navigate that delicate balance between traditional and Western lifestyles. She knew she had to shift her focus away from her career as a physician and hospital administrator. The dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and children’s book author, Dr. Zee, has been featured on Red Tricycle, PopSugar, RAISE PARENTING, Today.com, THRIVE GLOBAL, Motherly, and Good Morning America. She lives by her mother’s motto that, “We are more similar than we are different. Our differences make us unique, but they do not separate us.”