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Dr. Victor Castillo

President and Founder, Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia

Bio Current as of June 17, 2015

Victor Raul Castillo Mantilla is a Cardiovascular Surgeon and Chief Executive Officer of Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia. He Studied Medicine at Juan M. Corpas University of Bogotá and realized postgraduate studies in General Surgery at Universidad del Valle and Cardiovascular Surgery at Universiad Pontificia Bolivariana of Medellin. He worked as General Surgeon in the Ramon Gonzalez Valencia Hospital and Instituto de Seguros Sociales, was Director of Bucaramanga’s Surgical Institute, Currently performs as Transplant Surgeon, Cardiovascular Surgeon and Chief Executive Officer at Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia. Dr. Castillo is the founding Member of Biomedical Research Colombian Institute, special member of the American Diabetes Association Professional Section since April of 2004. He belongs to the Science and Health Technology National Council, COLCIENCIAS. Belongs to the Board of Directors of Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce.