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davidson 220x220 - Dr. Nancy Davidson

Dr. Nancy Davidson

Director, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, University of Pittsburgh

Bio Current as of August 19, 2016

Dr. Davidson has led or co-led key phase III clinical trials that helped to establish the role of endocrine therapy for the treatment of premenopausal and postmenopausal women with early stage hormone-responsive breast cancer. Because of her expertise in this field, she has helped to author many guidelines for evidence-based approaches to breast cancer including the appropriate use of endocrine therapy in early breast cancer. Dr. Davidson has contributed to design, execution, and analysis of many clinical trials of optimal chemotherapy for breast cancer and its combination with targeted therapies. These studies have helped to define the best way to use taxanes in the adjuvant setting, the value of using trastuzumab in addition to chemotherapy for early stage HER-2- positive breast cancer, and the impact of obesity and race on outcomes in early breast cancer. Dr. Davidson has served as an opinion leader in the field of breast cancer biology and treatment by authoring editorials, commentaries, and reviews to provide perspective for key research papers as well as critical areas in breast cancer biology or treatment.