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Lino Dias 220x220 - Dr. Lino Dias

Dr. Lino Dias

Vice President of SmallHolder Farming, Bayer

Bio Current as of September 18, 2021

Lino Dias is the Vice-President Smallholder Farming at the Crop Science Division of Bayer AG. The focus of his work is to build a profitable and sustainable growth business by empowering smallholder farmers. Since 2015 he has been developing solutions to help smallholder farmers worldwide to reach their farming potential and grow their farms into sustainable businesses, while creating a meaningful impact on their livelihood and rural communities. Together with several partners, he launched the Better Life Farming (BLF) alliance, which has been implemented in several countries already and got a special recognition by the UNECE for its stakeholder engagement. Recently he co-authored a paper on BLF at the Harvard Business Review. With a graduation and a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Lisbon University, in Portugal, and an internship at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in the USA, he did several management and leadership trainings in leading business schools in the UK, Spain and Switzerland during his career at Bayer. He started working at Bayer in 2001 doing Research & Development and since then he had led several business projects in all regions of the world and in very diverse areas, such as supply chain, communication & change management, IT, product management and strategic marketing and was management support to the CEO in his previous position. He won several international awards and a City Medal from his hometown, Portalegre, in Portugal.