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danielkeller - Dr. Daniel Keller

Dr. Daniel Keller

President, Keller Broadcasting, Inc.

Bio Current as of marzo 28, 2017

Dr. Daniel Keller holds a solid background in biology and biomedical research with academic journalism training. With a PhD in immunology and microbiology, Dr. Keller has reported on just about all medical specialty areas from major conferences worldwide, earning both print and broadcast journalism awards. Typical audiences are health care professionals.

Dr. Keller has also produced radio series for the public that aired nationwide and have hosted nationwide call-in science shows. He regularly participate in continuing education activities in both science and journalism through attendance at scientific conferences, symposia for journalists, and specifically, for medical writers, and at the annual meetings of science journalism associations such as NASW and AHCJ.

Dr. Keller is committed to mentoring science journalists at the beginning of their careers and before leaving the laboratory to pursue a career in medical journalism, he conducted research in the areas of immunology, microbiology, hematology, and neuroendocrinology.