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sherif 220x220 - Dina Sherif

Dina Sherif

CEO and Director, Ahead of the Curve and Center for Entrepreneurship

Bio Current as of September 11, 2016

Dina Sherif is committed to building sustainable societies through the application of a more ‘conscious’ form of capitalism. She cofounded ATC together with Mohamed El-Kalla in 2012 to further that goal. As CEO of ATC, Dina is responsible for business strategy and business development, as well as overseeing all research-related activities within the firm. Dina also serves as an Advisor to the President of Egypt on economic development and is currently an Associate Professor of Practice, holding the endowed Willard Brown Chair for International Business at The American University in Cairo, where she is also Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Dina comes from a background in economic development, strategic philanthropy and civil society development. She is the lead author of several key publications such as the book ‘From Charity to Social Change: Trends in Arab Philanthropy’, as well as several seminal reports, including a 7-country study on trends in responsible business practice in the Arab region and the 2016 UNDP Business Solutions Report.

Dina is also an angel investor with a specific focus on healthcare businesses and is an avid supporter of civil society, previously serving as the Chair of the Board for the Arab Foundations Forum and currently a member of the board of EducateMe and Ruwwad, both based in Egypt, in addition to Jordan-based Nakhweh. In addition, she was recently named one of Trust America’s top 100 thought leaders on responsible business practice in Europe and the Middle East, and is an Eisenhower Fellow through her participation in the 2015 Women’s Leadership Program.