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brooke 220x220 - Brooke Zaugg

Brooke Zaugg

Vice President, The Faith & Media Initiative

Bio Current as of September 14, 2022

Brooke currently serves as the Vice President for The Faith & Media Initiative at Radiant Foundation. Most recently, she worked in the technology industry leading as VP and COO at various companies, and for a Texas-based private equity firm leading a portfolio company through robust protocols to prepare for scale—including marketing, customer service, and operations. ‍ Prior, Brooke developed strategic communication expertise leading a San Francisco based advertising agency servicing Fortune 500 companies in the financial, technology, and hospitality industries including Bank of America, InterContinental Hotels, Visa, and Sun Microsystems. ‍ With her extensive background in marketing, operations, channel and product management, strategic business development and investor fundraising, Brooke has developed a unique ability to turn ideas into successful products, events and companies. She has also led successful internal and external relationships and alliances with investors, advisors, media, customers, foundations as well as executives from companies such as L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Turner Classic Movies, Sony, Cartier, and Range Rover, to name a few. She has been recognized in Forbes Life, CNN Money, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and Esquire.