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Bart Friedman 220x220 - Bart Friedman

Bart Friedman

Chairman of the Board, Giant Eagle Enterprises; Partner & Senior Counsel, Cahill Gordon

Bio Current as of January 28, 2024

Bart Friedman is currently Chair of the Board of Giant Eagle Enterprises, a food, pharmacy, and convenience store conglomerate based in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. He is the Lead Independent Director of Ovid Therapeutics (NY), a biotech company, and Senior Counsel at Cahill Gordon & Reindel. He has led Boards of two additional industries, insurance and finance: Deputy Chair of Allied World Insurance Holdings (Zug, Switzerland) and Chair of the Board of Sanford Bernstein Mutual Funds. (NY).  

He has served on the Boards of over a dozen NGOs, including The Brookings Institution (currently Audit Committee Chair), Lincoln  Center For The Performing Arts  (formerly Audit Committee Chair and currently Compensation Committee Chair), The  Guggenheim Museum’s Works and Process  (Board Chair); and as a member of the Membership Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bart had also served as The Juilliard School Board of Trustees Vice-Chair and as a member of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education Visiting Committee.

As part of his decades as a Partner and now Senior Counsel at  Cahill Gordon & Reindel, he has represented numerous corporate Boards in the Fortune 500, including two in the Fortune 10. 

He is married to the Art Historian and Author Wendy A Stein. He has two grown sons, Benjamin, who is married to Lauren Sanchez, and Jacob, who is married to Isabel Parkes.