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27831 Ariana Constant - Ariana Constant

Ariana Constant

Director, Clinton Development Initiative

Bio Current as of November 10, 2020

Ariana Constant is the Director of the Clinton Development Initiative, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation that drives community agricultural business development across farming populations in Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania. Ariana works between New York and Africa to create partnership networks with governments, private sector, non-profits and civil society. Her work supports the sustainable development and resilience of community farming groups through impact-driven programs that encourage rural agricultural economic growth through trainings and brokering relationships between farming communities and other actors along agricultural value chain.

Between 2009 and 2012, Ariana served in the Peace Corps as an Agroforestry Extension Agent in Senegal. In 2014, Ariana joined the Clinton Development Initiative. Ariana holds both a B.S. in Natural Resource Policy and Management and a Masters in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University. Since 2016, Ariana has served on the Board of Trees for the Future, a non-profit focused on ending poverty and hunger through revitalizing degraded landscapes in Africa.