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AOD - Angela Ospina De Nicholls

Angela Ospina De Nicholls

General Director, APC Colombia - Presidential Agency for International Cooperation, Republic of Colombia

Bio Current as of July 20, 2020

Ángela Ospina de Nicholls, Managing Director of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation, APC-Colombia. Mrs. Ospina has a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, with a graduate degree in Pedagogy of Values and Ethics from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and in Resource Management and International Cooperation at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.


She has extensive experience in the public sector, with a strong performance as Presidential Advisor of Special Programs, where she had important achievements in topics related with: democratic governance, strengthening of the strategy “Network of Social Managers”, social inclusion of people with disabilities; reinforcing citizens to exercise their rights, and improving student conditions in vulnerable areas of 160 municipalities in 29 departments. As a result, Mrs. Ospina helped to improve the living conditions of thousands of people in municipalities throughout the country.


She also served as Advisor to the Ministry of Interior and Justice, of the Colombian Rural Development Institute INCODER and chaired the Inter-Agency Committee to combat human trafficking for three years. At the time she was co-Founder and Director of the Thinking Center for Human Trafficking, she ensured the creation of violence prevention strategies and restitution of rights of vulnerable groups, highlighting the need to strengthen civil society organizations and positioning the matter on the public agenda of the Country.  Before taking office at the Presidential Agency of International Cooperation APC-Colombia, Mrs. Ospina served as Director of the foundation that bears the name of her grandfather, the former President of Colombia, Mariano Ospina Perez. In this role, Angela was recognized for promoting analysis on the national issues, to search solutions through initiatives and projects in various fields of special interest for national development. 


Angela Ospina is known for her extensive experience in the social sector, which in addition to her academic experience, provides her with the tools that will allow her to effectively lead alliances with various actors in the international community, concentrating on resource management of cooperation that are focused on the sustainable, economic and social development of all the regions of the country