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Alfonso Gómez Palacio

Director - Hispam Norte, Telefónica Colombia

Alfonso Gómez Palacio
President CEO of Telefónica Colombia

He was born in Bogota. He is a lawyer of the Javeriana University; After graduting, he enrolled in Loras Collage (Dubuque, US) and in the Rosario University (Bogota, Colombia), where he specialized in Political Science and Taxation. He was appointed President CEO of Telefónica Colombia in 2017, after ten years as President of Telefónica Colombia and President of Colombia Telecomunicaciones since its inception in June 2003.

In August 2002, he was appointed President of the National Telecommunications -Telecom- where he led the major transformation of the public telecommunications sector, thus creating Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP. This process culminated with the link of Telefónica as a strategic partner of this company in April of 2006.

Alfonso Gómez held the Executive Presidency of Colvatel S.A ESP, a company dedicated to Broadband installation. He was also Secretary General of ETB, where he served as Executive Vice President of shared services.