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PERFIL PRO 0 220x220 - Alejandro Calderón

Alejandro Calderón

Founder - Strategic Collaborations, ValueSkies / Looking for the Masters

Bio Current as of July 9, 2018

Alejandro Calderon focuses his efforts on identifying and creating strategic collaborations and synergies, to bring ideas into projects mainly around climate change, gender equality, and the creative & circular economies. He has more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector with J.P. Morgan (Paris, Geneva, London and New York) and Morgan Stanley (New York).

Alejandro works with ValueSkies, a development company with a pipeline of projects in the waste and renewable energy sectors which looks to transform 50% of Colombia’s municipal solid and agricultural waste into energy, with total investment of around $3.5bn. He helped structure Equal Invest, a fund that invests in public equities using a proprietary strategy focused on gender equality, founded by Angelica Fuentes, leader in gender equality and women empowerment. Alejandro founded a coalition to invest in the creative economy with Colombian jewelry designer Paula Mendoza and the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise (Aspen Institute), focusing first on Ethical Fashion, which will work with artisans and indigenous people looking to invest horizontally in their communities to emphasize the value of ancestral technics, promote cultural heritage and provide sustainable economic development to these communities.

Native from Colombia, he is also part of a blended finance for peace multi-stakeholder initiative, looking to fill the gap of financing the peace consolidation process in that country, estimated at $31bn.