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Adriana Henriquez

Operations Manager

Adriana serves as Concordia’s Operations Manager, responsible for managing the organization’s financial affairs in liaison with an independent CPA and auditor firm, as well as managing the short-term and long-term planning processes and resource allocation decisions needed as Concordia scales its operations. Additionally, she oversees the implementation of compensation and benefits for employees, the management of contractors, and the talent recruitment process.   

Prior to joining Concordia, Adriana focused on cross-sector business development initiatives in the nonprofit, telecommunications, energy, and financial industries of the African continent. As a member of multiple founding teams, including Makeba, GoGreenRide, T+, and Malaika, Adriana has gained the operational know-how to scale operations and projects in new markets via strategic innovation, key partnerships, and unique technology solutions.

Adriana holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.