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adolfo 220x220 - Adolfo Pacheco

Adolfo Pacheco

Country Director, Honduras, CARE

Bio Current as of September 12, 2017

Adolfo has more than 20 years’ experience managing and developing programs on agricultural extension, value chains, food security, sustainable management of natural resources, climate change, rural finance, and marketing of products to national and international markets. He has extensive experience working in Mexico, Canada, Cuba, the United States, Costa Rica, and Honduras. Adolfo has knowledge and experience developing sustainable economic development models, as well as more than 11 years in prevention, risk management, and humanitarian aid. Adolfo has led multidisciplinary teams to prepare for and respond to large-scale emergencies, and has served as ERE- CARE Team Leader in Honduras for more than six years. He has extensive experience mobilizing resources, and has designed dozens of project proposals for USAID, EU, IDB, World Bank, various embassies, and private corporations.

Adolfo has developed and supervised multisectoral work teams encompassing individuals in civil society, government, business, and academia. He has participated for more than 11 years as an active member and owner of SMT-CARE Honduras. He has experience in the application of participatory methodology for social development, evaluation and monitoring of projects, and prevention and resolution of gender conflicts.

Adolfo has received numerous awards, and has represented CARE at international events in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Panama, Japan, Belgium, Peru, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, El Salvador, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Germany, Bangladesh, and Canada.