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Adam Met

Musician / Executive Director, AJR / Sustainable Partners, Inc.

Bio Current as of March 30, 2022

Adam’s interests bridge the worlds of music, sustainability, law, academia, policy, marketing, and technology. As the bassist for AJR, he has traveled the world on sold-out tours, achieved platinum certifications in numerous countries, and recorded a repertoire of music that has garnered more than 2.5 billion streams worldwide. As the founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Partners Inc., he leads a nonprofit that addresses climate change systems through media, academic research fellowships, and incentive-based initiatives. 

A graduate of Columbia University, Adam received a dual degree in business and philosophy. He also holds a Master’s from New York University in constitutional religious law and is currently pursuing his PhD in international human rights law, advocating for a reconciling of tensions between sustainable development and human rights obligations. Adam’s work with the UN Development Programme as a development advocate fosters awareness on social media and beyond of sustainability, rights violations and solutions. He has brought his interdisciplinary perspective to his writing for publications including Billboard Magazine, Fortune, Mashable, and Quartz, and he is the host of the podcast “Planet Reimagined.”