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The Concordia Campaigns for Social Impact Series narrows our programmatic, research, and networking focus to tackle a particularly pressing global problem over a multiyear period. A Campaign draws attention to a specific challenge and catalyzes action for maximum social impact around that issue. Concordia runs multiple Campaigns concurrently to fully leverage the Concordia platform and network.


Launched at the 2016 Concordia Annual Summit, the Campaign reflects Concordia’s belief that a humane and sustainable global food supply is a challenge of utmost importance for today and tomorrow, and that public-private partnerships (P3s) can provide a pathway to a meaningful solution. The Campaign aims to elevate the issue of animal welfare as it promotes partnerships towards improved policy, enhanced innovation, and coordinated global efforts in the food sustainability space throughout the next several years.



In July of 2015, Concordia announced its inaugural campaign, the Campaign Against Labor Trafficking. Through partnerships with Winrock International and the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights, the Campaign seeks to engage key stakeholders along the value chain – global companies, local suppliers, governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, trade unions, and consumer groups – to change the way the seafood industry operates in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and beyond. By raising awareness, generating research, and forming public-private partnerships, the Campaign will aim to leverage the power of cross-sector collaboration to alter practices in the industry.

the Objective of Each Campaign:


RAise Awareness

Concordia’s mission is to leverage the power of public-private partnerships to elevate issues that affect governments, businesses, and civil society. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, a campaign raises the discourse to inform citizens and organizations on a pressing problem. Through the annual Summit, multiple smaller gatherings, and broad media platforms, Concordia can target key audiences and thus quickly raise awareness around an issue.



Our team of experts will develop a series of deliverables to paint a clear picture of the campaign issue and propose concrete action for public and private stakeholders. Action-oriented research outputs will identify knowledge gaps, provide recommendations on how to fill them, and guide a campaign towards maximum social impact. Together with its partners, Concordia will recruit experts to participate in a fellowship program. Fellows will conduct research to help enhance the campaign’s visibility and guide it towards partnerships that will have the greatest impacts.


Build Partnerships

The end goal of each Campaign is to build and support public-private partnerships that provide meaningful and sustainable social impact in a Campaign space. Through all of its Campaign work, Concordia operates in partnership with private, public , nonprofit, and academic partners, embodying its collaborative ideals. 


Campaign Conversations: C3s for P3s