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2024 Concordia Annual Summit Agenda

September 23-25, 2024

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel


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Phases of Discovery

Concordia Summit mceu71601263511699657746849png 1699657747 768x687 - 2024 Concordia Annual Summit Agenda

Day 1, September 23 | Tracing the Path: How did we get here?

Opening the 2024 Concordia Annual Summit, we’ll explore the pivotal developments influencing the landscape of international business, geopolitics, and migration. We’ll discuss and analyze the shifts in global markets and inflation, look at trends in trade, and debate the ways in which misinformation is influencing everyday life. How can businesses and organizations adapt to these evolving landscapes and contribute positively to society?

Concordia Summit mceu20496216321699657965787png 1699657966 768x760 - 2024 Concordia Annual Summit Agenda

Day 2, September 24 | Evolving Landscapes: Where are we now?

On day 2, we’ll engage in discussions about the evolving landscape of work, lifestyle, healthcare, education, sports, culture, and tourism. What are the potential challenges and opportunities associated with these transformations in the coming years?

Concordia Summit mceu5215870431699658107806png 1699658108 650x768 - 2024 Concordia Annual Summit Agenda

Day 3, September 25 | Navigating the Future: Where are we headed?

On the closing day, we’ll delve into several pivotal topics shaping our world in the coming years, from how AI is transforming industries to environmental sustainability to human rights and social progress. We’ll address the growing concern of misinformation in the digital age, analyzing the impact of fake news and disinformation on societies, politics, and decision-making. What future trends will exist in the world of work, with AI, and misinformation, and how can individuals and organizations prepare for and adapt to these changes?