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Youth Perspectives: The Future of Institutional Trust (and Its Impact on Society)


Fatoumata Cisse, Alum, NYC Junior Ambassadors
Raquel Gonzalez, Alum, NYC Junior Ambassadors
Askadeline Milanes, Alum, NYC Junior Ambassadors
Dr. Tessy Ojo CBE, CEO, The Diana Award

“We cannot have a future without the youth.” 

– Dr. Tessy Ojo CBE

“A changemaker is somebody who is willing to do more than just say something.” 

– Fatoumata Cisse

“Having systems of accountability would take us a step further.” 

– Raquel Gonzalez

“We should focus on local issues in order to solve global issues.” 

– Askadeline Milanes

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Youth presence is necessary in decision-making to ensure equitable, forward-looking policies are implemented across the board, connecting with the concerns and challenges of the next generations. 
  • The current disconnect between the younger and older generations is the result of broken trust and is in need of active and conscious repair. By adhering to promises and making bold actions toward future sustainability, intergenerational divides can be bridged. 
  • Changemakers must prioritize action over words to create a lasting impact on society. The younger generation has become disillusioned by politics and is focused on actionable, concrete solutions to dire challenges facing the world such as climate change. 
  • Constructing systems of accountability is pivotal to ensure institutionalized trust is cemented between generations and to guarantee future prosperity. Without these systems, the intergenerational divide will further erode societal trust in political institutions and mechanisms.