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A Conversation with T.H. Wilbur Ross, Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce


James Fontanella-Khan, US Corporate Finance and Deals Editor, Financial Times
T.H. Wilbur Ross, President, Chairman & CEO, Ross Acquisition Corp. II

“AI is going to be transformative to most economies, but especially to the more advanced and more highly industrialized ones.”

– Wilbur Ross

“What are the challenges and opportunities […] for the U.S. economy going ahead?”

– James Fontanelle-Khan

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) promises significant changes to the economy, with potential benefits and challenges. Retraining is vital to harness AI’s potential.
  • The low labor participation rate in the U.S. impacts nearly 38% of eligible workers. Addressing this issue requires a focus on enhancing workforce skills through education and training initiatives.
  • Invest in vocational training and development programs to prepare the workforce for AI-driven changes. Collaborate with community colleges to offer relevant training.
  • Monitor inflation closely, particularly wage-related inflation. Keep a watchful eye on labor negotiations in key industries, as outcomes may necessitate adjustments in monetary policies for economic stability.