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The World Will Know: Addressing the Refugee Crisis Through the Power of Music, Media and Storytelling


Karen Korponai, Founder and CEO, Visionary Media Group / Konscious Konsulting
Nick Sciorra, Founding Managing Partner, Visionary Media Group
Clayton Anderson, Songwriter & Songwriter, Visionary Recording Artist

“There’s about 100 million people that have been forced to leave their homes due to climate change or wars. Of those, about 40% are children below the ages of 18. There are about 400,000 children that are born every year in a refugee camp.”

– Karen Korponai

“It’s really the players and the poets and performers amongst us who can best speak truth to power. My mom would often say, sing out loud that which spoken word alone will not address.”

– Nick Sciorra

“I cannot imagine being forced to flee my home. I saw something that I thought was wrong, and I wanted to make a difference.”

– Clayton Anderson

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • There’s a resounding call to action, advocating for the utilization of music, media, and art as instruments to magnify positive change and confront urgent global challenges, notably the refugee crisis. Creative individuals and organizations play an important role in steering impactful collective action.
  • The immense scale of the global refugee crisis is especially affecting children forced to leave their homes due to climate-related issues and conflicts, which underscores the urgent need to address the complex challenges faced by refugees worldwide.
  • The “The World Will Know” song acts as a potent tool to raise awareness and rally global support, while simultaneously motivating active involvement from the audience via theworldwillknow.org to tackle the refugee crisis. It exemplifies how music can be a central catalyst for a call to action.