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Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: Equitable Access and Improved Health Outcomes For All


Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, Director, PAHO
Dr. Githinji Gitahi, Global CEO, Amref Health Africa; Leadership Council Member, Concordia
Ana Rita González, CEO, Policy Wisdom, LLC
Esther Krofah, Executive Vice President, MI Health, Milken Institute


With lead Programming partner

movement health - Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: Equitable Access and Improved Health Outcomes For All

“The challenge now is how you can implement the lessons that you learned during the pandemic and strengthen health systems to be more resilient.” 

– Dr. Jarbas Barbosa

“To revolutionize healthcare is to remove ‘care’ from health and make care a subset of health.”     

– Dr. Githinji Gitahi

“Policy is the most important tool for public health.” 

– Ana Rita González

“To achieve all of this you need partners.” 

– Esther Krofah

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Private-public sector collaboration involves a broad range of institutions, including the close connection between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. These relationships can be leveraged to reduce healthcare costs, increase access for vaccines, and improve health technologies. 
  • Healthcare must be paired with community and multi-stakeholder engagement to improve healthcare outcomes. Health starts with the community and we must ensure all members have the right to their health and care services. 
  • Policy must guide innovative practices in the healthcare sector so that they reach the highest potential adoption and achieve mainstream implementation. Adoption, integration, and collaboration cannot occur without effective policy. 
  • As the digital transformation of the current age ushers new technologies into the global conscious and market, it is imperative to utilize these technologies to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for equitable health access.