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Rethinking the Future: Climate and Social Innovation for Global Change


Charlotte Kan, Journalist & Master of Ceremonies
T.H. Kandeh Yumkella, Chairman – Presidential Initiative on Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Food Security, Government of Sierra Leone


with Principal Programming Partner

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“How do we best deal with this energy quadrilemma […] to describe the need to deliver more energy to people, to make sure it’s affordable, to make sure it’s sustainable, but also that everyone can benefit.”

– Charlotte Kan

“If you can’t pay attention to 7 million people dying every year to clean the system, what number will make politicians and others wake up?”

– T.H. Kandeh Yumkella

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Climate funding should be channeled directly to the most vulnerable communities to help them adapt and thrive in the face of environmental challenges.
  • The Zayed Sustainability Prize recognizes humanitarianism and sustainable development, positively impacting millions of lives through innovative solutions from its winners.
  • Africa encounters energy hurdles, yet it holds extensive renewable energy resources and the capacity to support the global transition to clean energy.
  • Global climate efforts require transparency, honesty when discussing emission reductions, and equitable resource access.
  • It’s time to mobilize finance, strengthen regulations, promote partnerships, leverage renewable resources, and focus on climate-positive growth.