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Empowering Marginalized Communities: Radical Philanthropy for Solar Energy Transition


Alex Honnold, Founder, Honnold Foundation
Eric Roston, Sustainability Editor, Bloomberg News
Dr. Suzanne Singer, Executive Director / Co-Founder, Native Renewables Inc.

“The essence of community-focused solar projects is that each community has their own needs and their own ways to meet those needs.” 

– Alex Honnold

“The biggest thing that indigenous people have is our culture, which is extremely strong and we are wealthy in that sense.” 

– Dr. Suzanne Singer

“The community element of climate action is not often discussed.” 

– Eric Roston

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • The significance of community-driven solutions is paramount in tackling climate change as they cater to local needs and address disparities in access to clean energy.
  • Indigenous communities often possess valuable cultural and ecological knowledge that can contribute to sustainable solutions, and it is important to consult and work together with indigenous communities to achieve equitable, lasting climate justice.
  • Supporting results-oriented grassroots organizations and initiatives is essential in implementing community-focused renewable energy projects and addressing climate challenges at the local level.