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Policy & Tech: The Key Issues Facing Global Technology Platforms


Evelyn Miller, Vice President, Public Policy, Meta 
Maryam Mujica, Director of Government Affairs, Americas, Booking Holdings
Mike Muse, Founder, Muse Recordings
Sasha Rubel, Head of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Public Policy, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Amazon Web Services


with Principal Programming Sponsor

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“Developing and deploying AI solutions responsibly drives trust, and trust is the biggest barrier to adoption for AI.”

– Evelyn Miller

“One of the things that we are really committed to is making sure that there’s a diversity of perspectives around the table when these solutions are being designed, developed, and deployed.”

– Sasha Rubel

“When you think about what these platforms are actually doing, and this is data-driven evidence, they are actually driving more competition. They’re lowering prices for consumers, they’re offering more choice and transparency, and they’re bringing a lot of small independent businesses to a global customer base.”

– Maryam Mujica

“The tech industry operates in a rapidly-changing landscape with evolving policy and regulation.”

– Mike Muse

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) platforms such as Llama 2 are making a substantial mark on industries like travel by providing tailored and seamless experiences for consumers.
  • Various viewpoints and backgrounds must come together as they are crucial in shaping technology regulations that strike a balance between fostering innovation and promoting responsible AI development.
  • Efforts to inform and maintain transparency for users and developers regarding the technical aspects of AI technologies, their practical uses, and responsible conduct must continue. 
  • Promote collaboration among a range of stakeholders, such as policymakers, industry representatives, civil society, and academic institutions, to develop inclusive and effective technology policies that take into account a variety of perspectives, thereby nurturing innovation.