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Navigating Investment Landscapes: Capital and Opportunity


James Fontanella-Khan, US Corporate Finance and Deals Editor, Financial Times
John Koudounis, President & CEO, Calamos Investments; Leadership Council Member, Concordia


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Calamos Only 541 - Navigating Investment Landscapes: Capital and Opportunity

“AI is going to change a lot and we have to be ready for it.” 

– John Koudounis

“We’re living in a world where there’s still close to full employment and high inflation, which is hard to get our heads around.” 

– James Fontanella-Khan

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Inflation is a significant concern affecting not only the U.S. but reverberating across the international economic landscape. It manifests as a complex interplay of variables, including energy price dynamics and geopolitical factors. 
  • Amidst multifaceted economic challenges, notably the specter of inflation and supply chain disruptions, the U.S. economy has remained incredibly resilient. Despite the formidable hurdles, the nation’s consumers have exhibited remarkable resoluteness, driven by pent-up demand in the post-pandemic era, which has spurred heightened levels of consumer spending. 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative force in the financial industry and will continue to disrupt industries and markets through innovative applications of emerging technologies.