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Mining for Sustainability


T.H. Jose W. Fernandez, Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, U.S. Department of State
Linda Mabhena-Olagunju, Founder & CEO, DLO Energy Resources Group; Senior Advisor, Concordia
Sonia Scarselli, Vice President, Xplor, BHP
Christian Spano, Director, Innovation and Climate, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)


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bhp - Mining for Sustainability

“We need to deliver the promise of sustainability and innovation constantly.” 

      – Christian Spano

“More than anything we are looking for collaboration and partnership.” 

– Sonia Scarselli

“We ensure that companies understand it’s about working with the communities all around the world.” 

– T.H. Jose W. Fernandez

“We can’t deny that there is going to be global competitiveness around these resources and with that comes its own challenges.” 

– Linda Mabhena-Olagunju

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • BHP’s Xplor program highlights the importance of a collaborative approach with local communities and companies to build local capacity for the mining sector. This approach aims to improve the relationship between mining organizations and local players. 
  • Governments play a crucial role in ensuring that mining operations in their countries are fair and equitable. They need to establish stable regulatory frameworks, provide support, and facilitate collaboration between mining companies and local communities. 
  • To promote innovation and inclusivity, mining companies like BHP are working to transfer skills and knowledge to local companies in the regions where they operate. They aim to involve local communities in decision-making and ensure that the benefits of mining extend beyond job creation. 
  • Operating in resource-rich regions, like Africa, presents challenges such as regulatory instability and the need for consistent permitting and approval processes. Mining companies seek collaboration and partnership with governments to navigate these challenges.